Hapalochlaena Maculosa | Cephalopode
Pacific Ocean: Australian coasts, Indonesia, Japan
Weight: 28g
Lenght: up to 20cm
Cephalopods are members of the molluscan class Cephalopoda (Greek: "head-feet")
Under normal circumstances, the blue rings on this octopus are not readily visible. But when the creature becomes nervous, the brown patches on its skin darken significantly, and its maculae emit iridescent blue rings or clumps of rings that pulsate. Usually, the dorsal and lateral surfaces of its mantle are adorned with 50-60 of these blue rings.
This octopus secretes one of the deadliest venoms known to humans: tetrodotoxin. This neurotoxin blocks nerve impulses and can lead to respiratory distress and failure. Fortunately, it only attacks when feeling threatened, and uses blue signals as a warning.
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